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PEMF Products

There are two different PEMF technologies used for our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy systems:

  • Classic oscillating PEMF devices include the Curatron Home, Curatron XPSE, Curatron PC, and Curatron 3D.

  • Very high intensity impulse Flash models include the Curatron Multi-Flash, Curatron Premium-Flash, and Curatron Ultra-Flash.

Customizable and easy to use, choose your model and add the applicators that are right for you!​

Curatron & Parmeds Ultra-Flash PEMF

Curatron / Parmeds Ultra-Flash

An innovative PEMF device with ultra-high intensity impulses and groundbreaking technology. The prime selection for clinical applications, providing ultra-high intensity impulse PEMF therapy.

Curatron & Parmeds Multi-Flash

Curatron / Parmeds Multi-Flash

The Curatron Multi-Flash offers intensities of up to 4,000 Gauss and features solid-state technology backed by a three-year warranty. Suitable for both home use and smaller clinical settings, it provides versatile functionality.

Curatron & Parmeds Premium-Flash

Curatron / Parmeds Premium-Flash

The Curatron Premium-Flash boasts intensities of up to 7,000 Gauss. Ideal for clinical applications and for individuals seeking powerful impulse PEMF therapy, it stands out for its unmatched features within its intensity and price category.

Curatron XPSE & Parmeds ProSE

Curatron XPSE / Parmeds Pro SE

Curatron XPSE Professional PEMF system excels in its rapid pain relief capabilities and has demonstrated significant benefits, particularly in chronic pain management.

Curatron & Parmeds Home

Curatron / Parmeds Home

Enhance your immune system, circulation, and oxygenation with the comprehensive Curatron HT Home System for Wellness & Therapy. This bundle comes complete with pad and mattress.

Curatron PC & Parmeds Super

Curatron PC / Parmeds Super

The Curatron PC clinical system includes powerful software and enables exceptionally high-intensity PEMF output of up to 100 millitesla (1000 Gauss) when paired with the high-energy coil, covering a frequency spectrum from 1 to 50 Hz.

Curatron 3D & Parmeds Ultra 3D

Curatron 3D / Parmeds Ultra 3D

The Ultra-Power Curatron 3-D system provides the highest PEMF power alongside a 3-dimensional 50 milli Tesla high-power full-body mattress and software. Perfect for clinical applications where immediate results are desired.

Curatron & Parmeds Applicators

Choose your applicators

Do you prefer a recommended package that includes applicators or do you want to choose your own specific applicators? We offer the best of both!

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