PEMF Technology

Inspecting pemf specifications
PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields
 and the purpose of this website is to elaborate in layman's terms what is behind PEMF devices and their specifications. The technology is also called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMFT.

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There is a lot of confusing information about PEMF on the internet. This makes it very difficult for a non-technical person who is interested in purchasing a device to compare between the different devices available on the market.

The purpose of my website is not to give background information on PEMF therapy itself, but to explain the technology behind pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in order to assist non-expert people to understand what the really important features of the device are and how they will work best for you


After you have read through the next few web pages, you will master the basics of each of the individual parameters and you will no longer need to believe all the claims made by various manufacturers. You will be able to compare for yourself and understand what is really important.  

Truth about pemf technology
Our company has no problem disclosing technical information and we believe that customers are intelligent enough to evaluate and appreciate the superiority of the different PEMF systems we manufacture. The excellence of our systems has made our company one of the leaders in the field of pulsed electromagnetic therapy devices in 80 countries around the world.


Naturally I am biased towards the devices our company develops and manufactures, but I will elaborate the reasons behind our choice for each parameter and explain why and how this specific parameter is implemented. 

After you have read all the information on this website, please do not hesitate to email me any questions you may have and I will be happy to respond according to the best of my knowledge. I also try to post regularly to my BLOG and you can find us on Facebook HERE =====> Enjoy reading!


          Some highlights of the PEMF systems our company manufactures:

  • Intensity up-to 160 milli Tesla (1600 Gauss)

  • Very fast speed of induction => the maximum pulse intensity is reached immediately

  • Frequency range from 1 <> 50 Hz

  • The fastest and most effective pulse wave forms are used to ensure absolute and complete penetration of cells and bones

  • During each treatment session the frequencies and intensities change automatically to avoid body adaptation and to assure optimal therapy results

  • Very easy to use, only 4 controls on unit: Start, Stop, Pause & Program number

  • Option for PC / laptop connection to choose from a wide range of treatment protocols

  • Create and save your own programs on your the PC / laptop

  • Environmental friendly and ‘clean’ pulse signals

  • Choice out of 4 different models + battery powered device

  • Choice out of a wide range of applicators

  • Feel the pulses with a simple magnet

  • Easy to transport. Foldable travel mat available

  • Very competitive priced

  • CE certified by health authorities as medical therapy device for humans

  • ISO 13485 certified for Good Manufacturing Practice

  • R&D and manufactured in Israel 

  • The Curatron, Parmeds and Curamove PEMF therapy systems are based on state-of-the-art technology generating completely safe pulsed electromagnetic fields without side effects.

  • Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells. Optimal peripheral oxygenation is obtained resulting in maximum therapy efficacy. 

  • The devices excel in fast pain reduction and have proven to be enormous beneficial even for chronic pain therapy. People suffering from Arthritis, Back pain, Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia etc. report almost instantaneous pain relief! And many more applications are possible.

  • Increase in bone density is obtained in Osteoporosis, decreasing fracture risk. Bone growth is stimulated causing fractured bones to heal fast and properly.

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