Flash technology

Flash technology of PEMF machines is uses the same technology as used for flash photography, but way more advanced because of the enormous amount of energy stored at much higher voltages followed by releasing this energy in the PEMF coil.

Electronic flashes are a simple and inexpensive solution for generating short bursts of bright light when the shutter of a photo camera is released. Such a photo camera flash system has three major parts.

    • A battery power supply
    • A circuit with electronic components
    • A gas discharge tube producing the flash
Photo camera similar for PEMF pulse

A discharge tube is a tube filled with xenon gas with electrodes and a trigger plate.

When switching on the flash function of a camera the electronic circuit inside the camera changes the battery’s low voltage into the high charging voltage charging the flash capacitor to a few hundred volts. The charging sound can be heard because of the charging of the flash capacitor.

A capacitor is a kind of rechargeable battery able to hold electron energy charges for a limited time.

The high voltage capacitor is connected to the electrodes on the flash tube and will discharge the energy into the flash tube when the shutter of the camera is pressed. Now the stored energy from the high voltage capacitor suddenly into the discharge tube, ionizing the xenon gas inside resulting in a light flash.

In a very similar way works the PEMF Curatron FLASH device. A special capacitor is charged very fast between each pulse. Then within the fraction of a second the capacitor is suddenly discharged by a special solid state semiconductor switch, under precise computer control, into the coil creating a short, very high intensity PEMF pulse.​

The maximum intensity of the PEMF pulse generated by the Curatron FLASH device into the standard coil = 4,000 Gauss and in the smaller 7" coil more than 5,000 Gauss. With the optional Power Booster intensities of more than 7,000 Gauss is possible.

Built-in computer controlled programs offer superior flexibility including as ringer and oscillating PEMF devices.

PEMF flash circuit