Battery devices

The efficacy of PEMF treatment is very much dependent on the applied output intensity (Gauss or Tesla value) combined with the speed in which the pulsed electromagnetic energy penetrates through the body. Only if each individual pulse of the pulsed magnetic field wave has sufficient high intensity and the pulse form is built up very fast (speed of induction), only then the magnetic energy will be able to penetrate deep into the cells and bones.

If the electromagnetic intensity is either too low or does not have sufficient high penetration speed, the effect of the PEMF pulsed magnetic energy transfer deep into the body will only be marginal. This usually happens when a battery powered device has been designed to generate pulses with a standard square wave form, which is very easy in electronic design, and only requires a basic simple pulse generator.

Generating square wave pulses also drain batteries fast and reduces the battery life cycle tremendously. This also happens because the so called duty cycle of switching the pulses "on" and "off" mostly happen for a similar time period.

These simple square wave pulses are then fed into a coil and automatically change into something like a trapezoidal wave form because this is inherent to coil behavior. Any coil has an electromagnetic impedance named after the scientist Joseph Henry who discovered electromagnetic induction. Impedance is similar to resistance for DC (direct current) electronic circuits and called impedance for AC (alternating current).

Drained battery in pemf device
square to trapezoidal wave form

Because PEMF is AC, the resulting pulse form is usually something like in this picture on the left, changing from blue to brown inside the coil. As can now clearly be seen the speed of induction is almost completely lost even if the intensity is still high. Deep penetration effect into the body has now been negatively impacted because it takes too much time to build up the actual required energy.

Almost all battery devices except for the Curamove PEMF battery device are designed in a similar way and only differ from each other by pulsed frequency patterns and intensities.

If we want to obtain a real therapeutic effect by a battery powered PEMF device first and foremost the design must meet the above design requirements for high Gauss value, pulse form and speed of induction for each individual pulse. In addition each individual pulse must contain sufficient energy in order to be able to have the desired effect for making changes in and around cells and bones!

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