Static magnets

This website will not be complete without a couple of words on regular static magnets, which are sold for treatment of all kinds of different diseases and are known as "magnet therapy" or "magnetic therapy".

Powerful permanent (static) magnets are manufactured with a combination of neodymium, iron and boron materials (NdFeB) and are also known under the name of "rare earth" magnets. They are supposed to have "wonderful" healing effects but explanations on how these healing effects are supposed to be obtained are not substantiated with any sound scientific proof.

We sometimes see distributors of these permanent magnets quote studies made with PEMFT equipment, showing that even people selling either permanent magnets or PEMFT devices are sometimes themselves clueless about what they are actually selling. We often see distributors selling these permanent magnets participate in so called Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or pyramid schemes and mainly trying to enhance their income after having been "forced" to invest substantial amounts of money, they now need to recover. The reader should be careful not to compare apples with oranges, or pulsed electromagnetic therapy with static permanent magnets!

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