Therapy time

As I already indicated on the "Frequency" page, a PEMF therapy session should be sufficiently long in order to lead to the beneficial effects.

PEMF therapy devices using only one specific pulsing frequency like 30 Hz for the complete therapy time necessarily cause these manufacturers to suggest therapy sessions once or twice a day for only 8 or 15 minutes. The reason for this 'advice' is that the body adapts to a specific pulsing frequency, making longer therapy times ineffective.

noise of pemf

For example, when sitting in a plane we all experience the noise made by the motors of the plane. After a short while we hardly notice this noise anymore. This is due to the ability of our body to 'adapt' to the surrounding noise disturbances and thus 'cancel them out'.

The same holds true for electromagnetic fields, pulsing the whole time with the same frequency and intensity, which are a 'disturbance' for the body.

The body adapts to the used pulsing frequency and after a couple of minutes the therapy effect starts to decrease. By changing the pulsing frequency every couple of minutes, this adaptation effect is avoided and effective therapy is thus realized for the whole therapy session, independent of the total therapy time, provided that the frequency steps are sufficiently apart for each time step.

This is the reason why each Curatron model has 10 different programs (protocols) available. Each program consists of a different series of pulsed frequencies and intensities, which run automatically in sequence during the total therapy time. Each program is associated with its own therapy time sequence, assuring beneficial therapy efficacy for the chosen program. This results in effective PEMF therapy for the full time of the chosen program.

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