4 Different models to choose from
4 curatron pemf devices
  Complete body therapy

PEMF body penetration
  Superior speed of induction

pemf speed of induction

  Square gated sine wave carrier frequency

square gated pemf sine wave signal

  Synchronized zero crossing pulses
       zero crossing pemf signal

  Low & High intensities

low and high pemf intensity


  Feel the pulses with a simple magnet
        Feel PEMF pulses with magnet

  Frequencies 1 <> 25 Hz

pemf frequencies
  Automatic frequency changing => No body adaptation

frequency changes of pemf
  Superior for pain relief

       pemf for pain relief

  Create & Safe your own programs with PC software
     curatrom manual pemf program

  Full body mattress
curatron full body mattress

  Therapy pad
     curatron therapy pad
  High intensity coil
high intensity coil curatron
  Very high intensity coil
  very high intensity coil for curatron
  All pads made of imitation leather

pads for pemf

  Lightweight aluminum handheld probe

   curatron pemf probe

  Ease of use - No training required

   curatron is easy to use


  PC & laptop connection
   Curatron pemf PC a&amp; laptop
  CE & ISO 13485 certified
         CE certified pemf device

  5-Year extended warranty

      5 year curatron extended warranty
  Fantastic value for money

curatron value for money
  Pricing starts under $2,000

pemf under $3,000
  Research & Development in Israel

Like R&D centers of Intel, Google, Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, Microsoft, Comverse, Check Point, Aladdin, NICE, Amdocs, Babylon, Israel Aerospace Industries just to mention a few.  

     curatron made in israel